November 13, 2012

Once Again, Misfortune Has Humped My Leg

Yes, we're starting off dramatic this bucket list update, but I just love that quote from Reno 911!

This is the part where I would reference the 6 other obscure pop culture references but I'll refrain.

Call me weird, but, I have always found something hopeful or positive about that quote. It's not "fuck my life" or "I want to shoot myself"-- 2 phrases I'm becoming known for as well-- "misfortune" doesn't sound as bad as "bad luck" or "sadness" and I feel that being humped in the leg implies that it will end at some point. I don't know, just my thoughts.

ANYWAY! We're updating on the Bucket List today as I have been inevitably slacking on this stuff and updating peoples. It's almost the end of 2012-- insane, right? But then that means another milestone on the bucket list is approaching and I'm breaking a sweat a little bit as some things will not be done.

So, recap: Everything to be accomplished by the time I left Philly was except finishing that textbook for my doctorate. The gender chapter threw me for a loop as I got bored and/or pissed off every 5 sentences and eventually gave up reading. Fortunately, the chapters that were required for the course, were all the chapters leading up to gender and a couple others were optional so, I lucked out there. Probably will be the first sexuality book I sell too-- it was just terrible. All the rest I've kept as references but I really don't need 4 basic human sexuality textbooks-- 3's good.

Moving onto things by the end of 2012:

  • Have the basement mostly done.
Well, if I keep up the pace I'm going at, it should be but who knows. Some time in October, I really lost momentum. I think it's because I thought being unemployed and all, I would get the basement done by the end of September- end of October at the latest- and could have the place decked out with some fantastic Halloween goodness. Well, that didn't happen. The basement is still mostly a hot mess and I'm getting discouraged easily which causes less work to get done, then even more discouragement. It's a bad cycle but we'll see what we can do.
  • Build a piece of furniture I have designed from scratch.
It's funny how in the original post I have written "hopefully, I'll have 4 done"-- Yea. Right. Not happening. One will get done, especially if you count my closet build-out which is in progress of being a post on the other blog.
  • Start another blog for my DIY escapades illustrating the previous 2.
This has gotten done! Exciting! There's 2 posts over on Impatient, OCPD, and Clumsy even thought they're over a month old now. But again--there's closet building fun coming soon!
  • Lose 5 pounds.
Confession: I haven't been to the gym in 2 months. I guess I was spoiled by the new equipment, new building, friendly staff, smoothie bar, convenient location of the Philly LA Fitness. The one down here is... well... none of those things. The exercise bikes aren't plugged in (they're like little decorative chachkies, the building is 2 levels, has no smoothie bar, few machine sanitizer stations, the weight machines increase in 15 lb increments, and the pool has been taped off with crime tape every time I went there the first month and a half I moved back to Falls Church. So, today, being sick of paying for a gym I'm not going to, I went to go cancel my membership and then I was going to head over to the fancy, new 24 Fitness that just opened (new, closer, bigger, 24/7-- all Martha Stewart aka "good things"). I tell them I wanted to cancel and gave the reason that there's one that's closer and 24/7 (excluding the details that their gym blew) and he said, "Ok. And since you paid for you first and last months when you joined, your membership ends on January 5th." I looked at him, surprised, "What? No. I want the membership to end now. Can I get my money back or can you apply that to the last 2 months when I haven't been here?" "No ma'am, sorry." I glared at him, "I don't like that." There's a pause before he says, "I can tell."

That is the third fucking place that made me pay for "first and last month" and then when I go to leave, they're like, "Oh wait, you're still stuck here for another 2 months." You. bitches. No means no. I want to leave and I want to leave now. I feel like my wallet has been roofied and I find out months later that my wallet has the STD of being stuck at this shitty gym for another 2 months! Now, I know I could go start at the other gym today, regardless, but that seems like wasting money! Not only have I blown the last 2 months of membership (which I'm more ashamed of than not losing weight/being healthy) but I'm not blowing these last 2 that I have to take! Fuck. That. Sorry, I'm still so pissed off by that. I mean, honestly, that is the most bullshit shit that has ever been pulled. Why do businesses do that?! What a bunch of assholes!

Ok, sorry. I could and probably will go on verbally but I got pissed (in case you didn't notice). Anyway, yea, I haven't lost 5 pounds.
  • Get on top of the focusing problems and find another general practitioner.
Yea, I haven't done this. And the focusing problems are getting worse. If I get this job I'm waiting to hear back from, I'll definitely be needing to be doing this ASAP!

And the misfortune comes in here- I've actually gotten more done on my long-term goals than my short term ones.
  • Study the shit out of BDSM and other topics on my own without being prompted by Widener.
I've done so much reading about BDSM recently, it's not even ridiculous. I mean, it is ridiculous but I guess in a good way. And technically it's all towards my dissertation so Widener hasn't told me to read this stuff... yet. But when they do, it will, in theory, go against this goal of not being told... but whatever.
  • Be a licensed MFT.
So, this is actually closer to happening than anything else. I've applied to about 40 jobs and only about 3 have contacted me back with a "No, try again!" It's like the damn lottery. BUT I did apply to this one job providing in-home therapy for at-risk teens which has fabulous benefits and would give me supervision towards licensure. It was one of those jobs I was hoping wouldn't call back but did and I think I'm going to take it if it's offered. I'm waiting to hear back for an interview so we'll see.

And that's all! I mean, the final goal was to keep you guys informed and... done. So, I'm out!