January 4, 2015

2015 Goals

This year, I'm going to do 52 week-long crash courses on new habits, skills, and goals. Because, let's face it, any resolutions I could make will fail immediately. So I think, aim for the short-term and enjoy the experience and hopefully some things turn into new habits.

Here's the list. Don't judge me on some things.

1. learn about cars
2. get involved in CARAS
3. create a class
4. wear heels for 14 hours total
5. get involved in SSSS
6. cook through recipes
7. treat yo'self!
8. sell some stuff
9. create therapy forms
10. get involved in Girl Scouts
11. change jewelry daily
12. make crafts
13. read articles
14. brush teeth twice a day (as opposed to twice a day MOST days)
15. increase vocabulary
16. study for comps
17. read daily
18. play pool daily
19. finish a book
20. wear makeup daily
21. create therapy handouts
22. learn to sew
23. sort baskets
24. make a piece of furniture
25. go on a trip
26. get involved in AAMFT
27. create and stick to a budget
28. put on lotion 4 times
29. waist train 4 times
30. learn to play drums
31. take a Coursera course
32. meet step goals everyday
33. therapy research
34. cut back on sodium
35. empieza a aprender EspaƱol
36. research journals
37. scrapbook 4 pages
38. get re-certified in archery
39. get rid of stuff
40. teaching jobs
41. drink required amount of water
42. cut back on sugar
43. lernen sie Deutsch
44. eat exact calories
45. execute perfect social media
46. learn marketing/small business
47. got to the gym 6 times
48. be more positive
49. learn statistics
50. execute good sleep habits
51. network and reconnect
52. create goals for 2015

Boom. One down.

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